My Work

Product Design


An interactive solution to music discovery that allows users to filter out genres and select the maximum popularity to find new music.

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UX Design


The design of a mixed reality system for musicians.

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Web Development

Trivia Tricks

The development of Trivia Tricks' official website, as well as a script for Twitch authorisation.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap

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User Research

MSc Dissertation: An exploration into user perception and trust of voice assistant technology

MSc dissertation exploring how users perceive and trust voice assistants.

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Systems Analysis

Garden Parters

Analysis of a charity's current client/volunteer matching system and requirement specification for an updated version.

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User Research

How does technology affect our engagement levels and spatial presence of an experience?

An experiment into whether or not the inclusion of technology has any affect on a users' spatial presence and how engaged they are during an experience.

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User Research

Does screen size affect the degree to which we engage with a movie?

An experiment exploring how engagement varies when watching a video on different sized screens.

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Other Work

Machine Learning

Text Classifier

A convolutional neural network built to detect offensive comments from a set of text.

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